What is HCBT

Hypno-CBT® What is HCBT

Hypno-CBT® (HCBT) is one among several extant systems of cognitive-behavioural
hypnotherapy. It is not simply “hypnotherapy plus CBT”, however. As opposed to “theoretical
eclecticism”, HCBT is a tight integration of social, cognitive and behavioural psychology with
traditional hypnotism. It is based upon various established models of theory and practice, which
pre-date the development of modern cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT). Nevertheless, HCBT
employs the modern principle of evidence-based “technical eclecticism” (Lazarus). This
encourages clinicians to seek proven methods from different disciplines and attempt to
incorporate them within a consistent theoretical model.
Evidence-Based & Science-Based
• Based on Experimental Research (how hypnosis works, what it is, etc.)
• Clinical Research (what it works for, what can be treated, etc.)
• Based on accepted principles from the appropriate area of known science
• cognitive psychology,
• zocial psychology,
• physiology, neuro-psychology, etc.
• Quantum mechanics (not appropriate level)
• Energy/meridian theories (no evidence for)
• Unexplained concepts such as “trance” or “altered state of consciousness” (undefined,
unobservable and lacking explanatory power)
• Ideally: “Empirically Supported Principles of Change” in psychotherapy
• Principles (mechanisms) of change that are supported by scientific research
For more detailed information: https://www.ukhypnosis.com/what-is-hypno-cbt/