Meltem, wrote her first play, ‘I’m Breaking the Game’, in 2007. It was staged in Zurich, Rotterdam and Istanbul. In 2009, ‘Parallel’ was staged in Zurich where she worked as the dramaturge of the play. In 2011, she wrote her last play ‘Mi Minor’ which has been performed since November 2012. 'Enough is Enough', which she wrote in 2016, was staged in Wales and London in 2017. Meltem Arikan's new play 'Y Brain - Kargalar “ is being performed throughout 2019 at multiple venues across England and Wales.


Ddrama newydd yn Nhyrceg a Chymraeg gan Meltem Arıkan, cyfieithiad Cymraeg gan Sharon Morgan.

Meltem Arıkan tarafindan yazılan, Sharon Morgan tarafından Galce’ye çevirilen, Türkçe ve Galce yeni bir oyun.

A new play in Turkish and Welsh by Meltem Arıkan, with Welsh translation by Sharon Morgan


Mi Minor is a play in which anything could happen at any time…


“Parallel” consists of stories told by six different women, who had to migrate from various countries. The actresses of the play took up this role solely for this play, for the very first time. They are both a woman and a foreigner…


Written by Meltem Arikan, directed by Memet Ali Alabora, with music by Maddie Jones, and includes four female cast members who act as members of a band. 


‘I'm breaking the game’ questions honour killings, concepts of morality, incest and rape, in the light of the protagonist’s own existential journey.

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