MIndfulness and art based counsellIng

Mindfulness and Art based Counselling

“The therapists who have been wounded could provide their clients with a deeper level of

empathy, patience, and acceptance.” – Carl Jung

It is important to understand that your life is not what is happening to you. Your life is how you
perceive what is happening to you. Most of the time, we change our past. We judge ourselves
or someone else. We forget to be patient; we forget our curiosity and can’t remember what
acceptance is. We are judging ourselves and others. We don’t know how we can let things go.
And most importantly, we forget to trust in our wisdom, intuition and authenticity.
We forget we are all unique. We lose who we are. And we generally want someone else to
change so that we feel good. But actually, in this, we are the one who needs to change. We all
focus on our misery because happiness cannot be defined as misery. We create inertia in our


I use a variety of approaches to address my client’s unique needs. All my sessions are warm,
friendly and available to anyone. Most importantly, this process is about healing and not

judgement. I look forward to meeting you.