MIndfulness and art based counsellIng

Mindfulness and Art based Counselling

“The therapists who have been wounded could provide their clients with a deeper level of

empathy, patience, and acceptance.” – Carl Jung

It is important to understand that your life is not what is happening to you. Your life is how you
perceive what is happening to you. Most of the time, we change our past. We judge ourselves
or someone else. We forget to be patient; we forget our curiosity and can’t remember what
acceptance is. We are judging ourselves and others. We don’t know how we can let things go.
And most importantly, we forget to trust in our wisdom, intuition and authenticity.
We forget we are all unique. We lose who we are. And we generally want someone else to
change so that we feel good. But actually, in this, we are the one who needs to change. We all
focus on our misery because happiness cannot be defined as misery. We create inertia in our


I use a variety of approaches to address my client’s unique needs. All my sessions are warm,
friendly and available to anyone. Most importantly, this process is about healing and not

judgement. I look forward to meeting you.


AngelIna A.

Meltem using lots of different techniques (art, dance, shadow & more), and because of that, she’s getting the best & quickest outcome. She is an excellent listener and observer. That helped her to decide what therapy would suit me the best at that time

Berfin T

She literally changed my whole life by making me gain a much different view and perspective about myself and my  life.She has a really unique technique and approach to her clients, and very professional guidance.I feel super lucky to come across with her during my path to find myself.

Bengisu K.

Meltem is one of the best energy sources in my life! It has been 4 months and she helped me with my autism to discover and adapt. I started the session with the suspect of adhd but it turn outs to be Asperger syndrome. It was a hard process as an adult but her deep knowledge of autism lefts no question marks. She created an incredible trust and an environment of safety for me. I always feel my words are heard and appreciated. Also it is so kind that i can always get a response regardless of the topic.I am feeling blessed that I have Meltem in my journey because she lights up the way with her knowledge and expertise.

Ceren K.

I would like to thank Meltem and I know thanking is not enough because she helped me so much to be who I am right now. Her genuine and warm approach in every session made me feel comfortable about talking and being open. She is always so helpful about showing and making me realise my own way. Thanks to her; I am more aware and responsible of my own life and more consious about choosing myself everyday. It’s hard to change but she managed to make it easy and adventurous about every situation that I had. I am happy to know her. Thank you.

DebbIe W.

She is a very kind, patient, empathic and amazing listener. She helped me navigate some very difficult life circumstances

Gökhan B.

Have been seeing Meltem for almost two years, and the progress I made is making me peaceful and happy. Thanks to her, I did not need to take medications and become self-sufficient in so many areas. She helped me to overcome and ease the symptoms of OCD, now we are working on anxiety which feels like just a leftover from OCD times. She will remain as my guide in the coming years if not my therapist (I assume I will be cured)