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Mi Minor is a play in which anything could happen at any time…


Mi Minor is a play that is set in the freedom in a boxdemocracy Pinima.  The moment you enter ‘the playground’ you enter the country Pinima.

Pinima is a country where, although a democracy, everything is decided by the President. The President sleeps neither day nor night, and he does so in order to find out what is right and wrong for his people.  The smart, handsome President is also candidate for both parties in the forthcoming presidential elections.

You do not need to think in Pinima, but if you so desire you are free to buy freedom of thought. The only apparent danger in Pinima is the aliens. These are feared by the people because they are suspected of abducting minds of people.

As member of the audience of Mi Minor, you can choose to sit at the tribunes or join the actors in the playground and participate in the play. You are allowed to switch during the play.

If you do not want to miss what’s happening during the performance, keep your smartphone turned on and follow what’s happening on Ustream, Twitter and Facebook (link to the technology page).  Since the treble sounds of her piano are forbidden to be played in Pinima, the Pianist, united with other musicians, will introduce you to a completely new experience.

Through social media, the Pianist and her team will broadcast live all the country’s affairs to the world. The moment the Mi Minor performance starts it can be followed live from anywhere in the world, with digital actors and a worldwide digital audience participating.

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