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‘I'm breaking the game’ questions honour killings, concepts of morality, incest and rape, in the light of the protagonist’s own existential journey.


‘I am Breaking the Game’ is a bravely narrated play, where the protagonist woman questions the facts like honour killings, the concept of morality, incest and rape, in the light of her own existential journey.

“Man need woman in order to realise their existence; and women needs men. But the transformation has to start with the women, as the essence of life is feminine herself. If the women can not exist as real women, the men do not have the single chance to exist as real men.

The society, who categorises women and men under the “human” label, makes them easier to administer. Women and men demanding their own existences, and rebelling for their existence is defiance against the society. Questioning the society, family, and beliefs; and re-defining them… The so called realities that are imposed on us are to be put on a trial by our consciousness and our bodies…

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