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My Qualifications:

Mindfulness and art-based counsellor,

Mental health and relationship counsellor,

Life Coach for Autistic People and their family members,

Shadow Work Practioner 

Holistic Health Practioner

I’m a writer and artist with a professional career of 25 years. Looking back over the past few years of my life, I have been thrown into navigating the most challenging life experiences. This process is not easy; sometimes my soul, sometimes my heart, sometimes all my cells hurt. But it also causes me to recognise a liberation I have never known before. The most significant benefit of this process is that I am learning again like a child to be open to re-evaluating everything with curiosity and enthusiasm. It also gives me the chance to reconstruct the rest of my life without hiding myself, without being subjugated to anyone and to live without fear. Having empowered me to leave the corporate world, I am now following my heart and embarking on a journey of healing for myself and others.

Trained :


Understanding Autism diploma

Autism and advance  awareness diploma 

Advance Autism awareness diploma

Art therapy:  the self, self-exploration, self-healing, how to use art  therapy diploma

Cognitive and advanced Cognitive  behavioural Therapy CBT diploma 

Life coaching diploma 

Mindfulness diploma 

Shadow mastery and advanced shadow mastery diploma

Counselling diploma 

Shamanic healing /energy healing diploma 

Dance movement psychotherapy diploma 

Journal therapy diploma 

Shamanic journeying for guidance and healing with Sandra Ingerman

Dance Movement Psychotherapy diploma

Music therapy diploma

Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma

Opening to our lives (8-week immersive online learning experience in  mindfulness meditation)



My life has been completely transformed; It had such a profound effect on me that I am now dedicating my life to ongoing discovery and transformation that can profoundly impact people’s lives. I love being able to offer the same possibility of transformation, to provide the same love, encouragement and acceptance in sessions that I have experienced myself. 


I use a variety of approaches to address my client’s unique needs. All my sessions are warm, friendly and available to anyone.  Most importantly, this process is about healing and not judgement. 

I look forward to meeting you.

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