Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy - Mindfulness and Art based counselling

As listed below, I provide hypnotherapy and counselling on various issues, but my passion is
helping autistic people or their family members. If you are autistic and feel lost, have social
anxiety, are so tired of masking, have unbalanced emotions, are stuck or are without meaning in
your life. Would you like to rediscover your joy, passion, and purpose? If you have an autistic

partner or children and don’t know how you can understand and communicate with them and feel
alone and stuck. You are not alone; I’ve been where you are now. 

I can help you

•Social anxiety  •Panic Attack   •Performance Anxiety (Musical, Public Speaking, Sports)

•Emotional overeating   •Weight management   •Stop smoking
•Fears and phobias    •Pain control   •Grief (and Bereavement)
•Sleeping problems  •Relationship issues   •Lack of confidence.

I can help you

I can offer Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Art based councelling Stress

Management and Relaxation, Mindfulness and Acceptance, Anxiety Awareness and Relaxation
and Relaxation with Art Therapy workshops, , and a Groove dance experience. These can be
as individual sessions, face-to-face or online as part of group work experience.
I can also offer support workshops or courses for companies or charities as part of their
employee wellbeing program. Please contact me for details of the services I can offer that can
be tailored to your company’s requirements.


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