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Welcome 2014: Happy new fears…

Why don’t men become dishonorable when they do corruption, demolish the nature and historical background of the cities for the sake of their rant?

Why doesn’t the time ever come for men’s honor being questioned, who define honor through Woman’s sexuality and body, who hide all sorts of cheats, injustice and cowardice behind the Woman’s honor.

You killed women, you raped little children… because they looked the wrong way, dressed up indecently, you still continue to kill…and yet, you ease your nonexistent consciences claiming that women are your honour.

You draw borders for women, then you clean up those who left outside of those borders as if they are trash…just like the way you slaughter women you slaughter the nature.

Why do we always have to obey? Why are you so intolerant for those who inquire? Why do you like to affright so much? And how can you be so shameless?

How can you ignore those big men raping little girls? How can you loutishly destroy the lives of these little girls to justify those big men?

When these little girls are being sold to those big men how can you caress your own children’s hair at home?

It’s never enough, right? You hate and afraid so much of our womanhood, bodies and power…

You can only manage to suppress your own fear by affrighting the others even more and more…

However, we know that it is nothing else but greed to be potent for male dominant system to slaughter the Nature and Woman. That’s why you can only manage to fool yourselves, not us.

Do corruption, destroy, demolish, rape, anyhow the honour, you’ve already won through women; will always be enough TO HIDE ALL YOUR DISHONORABLENESS.

And unfortunately, this fact has never changed for thousands of years.