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The Game is Being Broken!

There’s a broken game in garajistanbul. A play that is destroying the templates. The kind of play I find quite acceptable. With acceptable, I mean one that compels us, and makes us uneasy even, and makes us confess that we have never looked at the subject from a certain point of view. “I’m Breaking the Game” is that kind of play.

20 Mart 2008 | haber34.com, Tansel Akdan

How much we love to point out that we share “womanly” and “feminine” opinions “concerning women”… To criticize violence against women, when we are among our circle of friends. We feel a kind of relief when we attend solidarity marches for women, and be so proud of ourselves as if we have done a deed of utmost importance. 

We get upset for a while, on research and speeches revolving around example cases and statistics; than as it is the case with all of the other worldly malice, we put it all aside and forget about it…

Go see “I’m Breaking the Game”. Go to garajistanbul, to change your way of thinking. Do not think that I’m recommending a play I liked in a typical fashion. Because, whether we are men or women, we are all in a meaningless maelstrom. This play demonstrates how our minds are built upon meaningless blocks that is projected from our speeches to our swearing, and all our words.

The press release describing the play is emphasizing words like honour killings, incest, rape and harassment, yet you are faced with a play quite different than you would expect, based on these introductory brochures.

The words mentioned are of course the labels of the play, yet you do not see a text plotting “woman, the victim” on the stage. Instead, you have Övül Avkıran, leaking into your mind with her artfulness, and Mustafa Avkıran, who amplifies the explosive power of Meltem Arıkan’s text furthermore with his voice.

Further Notes:

“I’m Breaking the Game” was staged four times on August 24-27 by the Fifth Street Theater Company in the Zurcher Theater Spectakel, held in Zurich, Switzerland, one of the most prestigious independent theatre festivals in Europe, and won recognition.

The playwright, Meltem Arıkan, has a novel titled “Stop Hurting My Flesh”, which has been banned with the accusation of “Disturbing the Turkish family order, offending the chastity of the society, arousing sexual desires and induce fear in women, therefore attempting to disturb the social order.”