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(This article was published in http://www.archetypeinaction.org)

We are living in an over-populated world where oppression is routine, authoritarian control mechanisms are swiftly and mercilessly applied; a world in which dissent is muted by means of religious extortion. It is with this in mind that I suggest that each and every speech, image and text we encounter should be critically reviewed and re-evaluated. The world is on the brink of a great perceptual leap; the impact of this is manifest in the civil insurrections in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Iran, Bahrain and Yemen. In the digital world we are logging into, the defunct ideologies of the analogue world will c ease to be valid. And for this reason, if our plans for the future continue to be drafted within the analogue world’s frames of reference, they will be fruitless.

Digital world freedom has to do battle with the culture of terror: the only commonly held culture in societies around the world, administered by means of male dominance. For thousands of years, this culture of terror has created divisions based on race and religion. Sustained by hatred and violence, it has been the driving force behind war.
And yet women and men who have not been alienated from each other despite thousands of years of oppression are now starting to raise their voices.

Despite definitions like ‘being a woman in Istanbul’ or ‘being a woman in Tehran’ or ‘being a woman in London’ which effectively discriminate between them, women who have been silenced up to now are sharing their experiences and are beginning to join forces in the struggle to exist as women embodied and integrated with their sexual identities.

It is imperative for both women and men to transcend racial, religious and language differences in new organizations as they pass into the new digital world order. A liberated new world order can only be created if women and men realize their potential for individual existence and avoid the pitfall of ethnic or religious demarcation.

No society or race possesses sole title to culture. The formation of culture is the result of myriad responses in the existences of women and men to the natural world. When the analogue world order attempts to define cultural differences, it has always disregarded the difference in men’s and women’s existences, which forms the foundation of all cultures. The compulsion to define the ‘other’ and the ‘foreigner’ and go to war with them will persist unless we question the dynamics driving our concepts of authority, power, obedience and hatred. We should question the provenance of our self-hatred, how it is fueled and how it is projected onto others.

Men prefer to oppress, repress and fear women because they cannot face up to the fact that their masculinity is a mutation from the feminine infrastructure during gestation. What’s more, men will never be authentic men unless women gain their unconditional right to be women. The conflict between men and women lies beneath and inhabits all racial, religious and cultural conflicts. It is a huge error to limit cultural parameters to race, religion, geography and tradition independent of this elemental cultural engine. The architects of authority will not relinquish their power willingly. It will fall to women, primarily, to initiate change.

We stand on the brink of a new digital world. It is time to develop a new project of modernization that relegates racial, religious and linguistic differences to history; one which foregrounds, instead, new societies and cultures formed by women and men who have learnt to exist as individuals and co-exist in harmony.