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I’m guilty; as a woman writer, for years I’ve been objecting the male dominant system and for the last couple of years I’ve been trying to understand and express what’s been happening during the transition period from the analogue world to the digital world.

I confess; two and a half years ago, as an outcome of my intellect and my imagination, I wrote a play called “Mi Minor”. Our play was performed 23 times in 3 different venues with the permission of Governorship of Istanbul for each venue. My imagination becomes insufficient when I try to understand those who accuse us of rehearsing the Gezi Park events before it has started, provoking all that is currently being experienced in our country, being related to various foreign organizations and being a part of an unrealistic conspiracy theory in relation to all these fabrications – even though they haven’t seen our play.

I’m guilty; I know that for thousands of years the fear culture has been creating ‘the other’ through race and religion differences and has been making up rational reasons for wars by imposing hate and violence. I say ENOUGH to the analogue world order imposed by the male dominant system based on culture of fear, which is the one and only common culture of all societies in the world and which is forcefully placed upon societies by male domination, for thousands of years.

I confess; culture shall not be attributed to any society or any race. Culture is formed through the results of women and men’s affections in their existences and their interactions with nature. When defining cultural differences, analogue world order has always disregarded the differences of men and women’s existences, which forms the foundation of all cultures. It’s women and men that creates cultures and civilizations. It is a big mistake to restrict the parameters of cultural formation only with race, religion, geography and traditions, independent from women and men. I believe the new digital order will be constructed by accepting that societies are formed by women and men; without bringing race, religion, language and sexual differences to forefront; by accepting and respecting these differences.

I’m guilty; I believe in freedom of thought and freedom of expression by getting away from the pressures of all ideologies, political statements, military or civilian coups.

I confess; I want to think and live freely by moving away from the thought patterns imposed by male dominant system for thousands of years.

I’m guilty; I know that the only reason of running away from reality, deflecting reality, creating ‘the other’ is fear.

I confess; I do not accept to be frightened and to become ‘the other’.