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The 2000s are the years of transition from the old, Analogue world order to the new Digital one. The old world, which we call “Analogue”, is a world in which Newton mechanics has prevailed since the invention of fire, including during the first and second industrial revolutions. In this old world, nations were constructed within the framework of social orders that were subjugated by religions and diverse ideologies.

The basic logic of the social organization of the Analogue world is that it is hierarchical. In this type of organization model, authority belongs to oligarchies of power, and it operates at the very top level. In this historical process from the transition of tribal leaderships to kingdoms and sultanates and their empires, to democracy based government organizations, the entire authority was located at the top level of the power pyramid.

Except in the matriarchal order, which is buried in the depths of history, all the old Analogue world orders have one common factor: Men, who compose half of the world population, do not share the power elites with women, who compose the other half of the world population. Women have always been governed through being silenced,oppressed and forced into passivity. This treatment, in spite of some exceptions, has never changed. I wonder why it is so. And I would like to start by examining these areas.For what reason have men considered it necessary and justifiable not to give any authority to women for thousands of years? Given the difficulties we have in understanding men, it is still possible to explore the reasoning behind this.Are men, by their account really more powerful, more intelligent than and superior to women?

Men think that they are physically stronger than women. Therefore, all around the world, apart from a few exceptions, the ‘male fist’ is exemplified in army and police forces which consist mainly of men. And this ‘male fist’ is under the command of governors, most of whom are also men.

But from a scientific approach, the situation does not appear to be quite the way men assume. Women by nature have bodies that are continually and cyclically refreshed. Women can reproduce. And in addition, when compared to men, their life expectancy is longer. Moreover, their pain threshold is higher than men’s. The brains of men and women are different both in terms of volume and content. And what is more, their brains are also different in the sense of how they operate. These differences do not give men an advantage in intelligence and reasoning. On the contrary, they give women an advantage in emotional intelligence.

Men, who can lock on to a single purpose, have come to the forefront in the single-minded advancement and development of the Analogue world. For this reason, they suppose themselves superior to women. Because of this assumption, they are seized by the delusion that if ever women were to take part in any kind of governmental organization, women would make mistakes, they would break established patterns and even put lives at risk. It naturally follows from this, that women are guilty.

In male dominated societies, the smallest organizational unit: the family, is represented by men. The moral and religious foundations of these societies have also been constructed by men. A man has to protect his own honour to preserve the family integrity. The honour of the family can only be endangered by women. The woman might choose to pursue another man, either sexually or emotionally, which would put the family’s honour at risk.

When this happens, man considers that his value within the social order decreases. His fundamental social existence is threatened because in male dominated  social organizations, such as the family, the honour of men is determined by the behaviour of women. Even in secular societies, social mores are rooted in religion. On the other hand, in religious societies, morality and social mores are inevitably under the control of religions. In such situations, the only power that can disturb the order is the demand by women for an individual existence. In other words, women are perceived as being  naturally guilty.

When analysed within these two very simple parameters, from the old Analogue world point of view, woman’s struggle for visibility and independence  disturbs the existing orders. Therefore, for thousands of years she has been socially oppressed, suppressed, pacified and kept under control because of the fear that even if she is not now guilty, she could well be in the future. Men fear that their supremacy will crumble if they lift the controls they exert upon women and thereby women gain the rights of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. They justify the use of physical and moral violence because of these fears. They try to eradicate any signs of women in society.

There is no difference in terms of woman’s existence between the occidental or western  societies, which suppose themselves to be developed, and the societies of the east, which are referred to as developing countries by the west. In the occidental countries, women are given non-functional, puppet-like positions only if they pretend to be like men.

Occidental societies claim to permit sexual freedom. However, this is not true sexual freedom but rather, it is a process which ruins the sexuality of men and women on a large scale. Pornography is a gun which has not been loaded for the purpose of sexual freedom but to provide a women-less satisfaction for those men whose brains operate in a single direction. Some young girls experience traumas before puberty… Some have sexual experiences during adolescence before they mature, before being aware of their bodies…  Indeed some girls grow up to be women who are alienated from their bodies… their bodies are transformed into objects to be consumed. Another loaded gun wielded by male dominated societies is drugs. The drug cartels could be eliminated but on the contrary are being nurtured and developed.

In societies organised along religious lines, the basic strategy is to limit women’s visibility by veiling them. Women are kept busy in the sacred role of the mother, in giving birth and are made to obey the head of the family, namely man. In such societies, the idea of women having a profession or career and working side by side with men other than her relatives is completely unacceptable. If women work side by side with men the evil within them cannot be controlled. Should they do this, women would harm the honour of their men. Put simply, women are guilty just because they are alive.

The very organising principle for the continuance of the Analogue world’s male dominant order is to scare both women and men. Fear and its derivative anxiety are generated in the adults of the society through the logic of the herd. The most appropriate indication of this, is the aphorism of “The straggler is eaten by the wolf”.

In the archaic period to live in herds was essential for protection from wild animals. In early farming settlements, it was essential to live together. As products began to change hands through trading, it was essential to construct marketplaces for meeting the needs of people; to construct shelters and houses for protection from wild nature. Consequently, larger settlements and cities were formed. Mines were sunk to extract iron ore, which enabled tools and equipment to be made and factories established. This was essential for the first and second industrial revolutions.

It was also necessary to organise people in social systems in order to make it possible for them to live peaceably together. However, male dominated society accomplished this necessity by ignoring people’s individuality and making them live in herds. These“herd societies” had to have leaders.

As people began to form settlements, it became necessary for them and their leaders to develop a concept of the ‘herd’, and differentiate their herd from other herds through fear. As a result, what we now call ‘societies’ were alienated and grew apart by developing a conception of themselves first as ‘tribes’ and then as ‘races’. Subsequently, a further layer of difference was added through adopting different religious beliefs which produced new fears.

From the very beginning of human society, after the matriarchal system was destroyed, once the patriarchal system prevailed, fear united men.The name of this fear is ‘fear of women’. In other words, half of male dominated society, men, were taught to fear the other half, women. One reason for this fear could be the anxiety that they might return to a matriarchal order. Moreover, this fear of women was transmitted so strongly to men that precautionary measures or safeguards against women were built into the very core of monotheistic religions.

This fear,felt by men towards women, is the result of religious and moral indoctrination. Women have internalised this fear and it has become a guilt complex. This gıilt complex manifests itself in women through their relationships: they act as doormats. Men wipe their feet on them and women see this as legitimate. From the men’s point of view women deserve this violence because of their inherent guilt. Women feel deserving of this violence because of their deep-seated guilt complex.

As a result of  evolutionary processes and rapid technological advances the entry into the Digital world has started. This period of change suggests, firstly, that whatever ideological, racial or religious differences there might be, individuals need to liberate themselves from the logic of the herd and demand the right to think freely and to express themselves freely.

These demands for freedom were considered as naive and childish by the extraordinarily powerful elites when they were first made by Wikileaks and the Anonymous group in the digital media. . However what we have experienced in the last six months has shown that these demands for freedom have touched the hearts and souls of women and men all over the world. This has come as a surprise to many but has also been a powerful motivating force.

Of course, freedom of thought and freedom of expression do not constitute in themselves the magical key which could solve all the problems in the world nor are they medicine which could cure all illnesses. But these demands are fundamental for creating a world in which we all want to live. In the Analogue world men have constructed one ideology after another. Likewise we have seen the supremacy of one religion after another.

In the Digital world, the archaic Analogue world orders no longer have anything relevant to say. We have reached a stage in human evolution where we now have the capabilities to create a brand new world. We need to overcome the ways of thinking that have been imposed on us and start to think for ourselves. In the Digital world, which is the new world order, the brains of men and women will be connected to their bodies. They will start to exist as individuals, aware of the differences in their sexual identities.This journey, to a world in which they can exist side by side, is already under way. By becoming aware of the need for an individual existence, women and men, side by side, will give birth to a brand new era.

In the Analogue world, knowledge itself is the power that has been the property of the elites. The production and ownership of knowledge requires a hierarchical organisational structure. Universities and Madrases have been developed under the control of religious institutions. However, knowledge has not been freely shared. Ownership of knowledge has been monopolised. Those who want to access knowledge in their primary education are submitted to a coercive education whereby their heads are filled with a lot of needless knowledge which they will never need during their lifetime. Young people, their memories colonised in this way, pass through the university gates with totally blank faces. Students, alienated from their own natures and the environment in which they live, are driven by greed. They are educated for careers in government institutions and in the corporate world. They are not educated for a life as individuals, yet this is called vocational education.

However, during this transition to the Digital world, mischievous young people who want to attain knowledge are revolting against the blindness of adults, and they are demanding free access to knowledge. And from this, has arisen the group Anonymous which consists mainly of hackers. Following on from the Anonymous movement, some women, who emphasize that women should own the rights to their bodies and their sexual identities in the creation of the new world order, have started the Anonymiss movement.

In the old, Analogue world order, men and women could not live within the framework of their existing individual sexual identities. In the male dominated social order those who complain about this situation are not those men who use women as commodities, they are not those men who think they can use women and are satisfied by doing so, but they are women, living with men and finding it impossible to take ownership of their bodies.

When power and money are taken out of the equation, men do not know how to be with women and share joy and pleasure. These men are not at one with their true natures.This causes women who have relationships with these men to lose their connection with their own true natures.The Digital world will consist of women and men who are brave enough to connect with their true natures. In the Digital world, women’s sexuality will be based on their true nature, and they will no longer be the victims of guilt on account of it.And men will reconnect with their true nature and with women without resorting to violence. Men must pass through the border of fear which is’ woman’. And men and women must pass side by side through the border of fear which divides the Analogue from the Digital world.

Women! You do not have to surrender to the beliefs that are imposed upon you.
The time has come for you to reclaim your stolen spirit.
Women can sing the song of another culture without knowing its language.
Without knowing the steps, they can keep up with the rhythm.
The time has come for women to attune to the music and to the rhythm within themselves.
Men will be scared, men will resist. They will accuse…
The time has come for women to reclaim their stolen spirit…
To the accusations, women will cover their ears and will burst out laughing,
Women will dance and sing songs out loud and women will laugh aloud.
In spite of everything, women will rise up and challenge, supported by their spirited laughter.
The new world order will be shaped WITH women, not DESPITE women