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Confronting “THE BIG LIE” – Meltem Arikan on Personal Responsibility & Crossing Fear’s Border

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The new world order will be constructed by sharing true information, not by ‘The Big Lies.’…the time has come to take your own responsibility. What is more that you are waiting for?

Reality and pain are inevitably nested within each other. This simple fact is the reason of escaping from the awareness of existence. Even the simplest realities are wrapped up in a whirl of ideas; with language making them more complicated. The more it gets complicated the more it is sublimated and then minds swing back and forth through this conceptual turmoil. These are sublimated methods to escape from one’s own existence, not the reasons. The most commonly used and accepted method is: ‘The Big Lie’

WikiLeaks has shown that all types of governments, whatever their political system, whether developed or underdeveloped, are corrupted.

People have learned to hate themselves and the realities of life with deadly passion, so they choose to escape because they are afraid to exist. There is no justice in life. Life is cruel. Against life, individuals are defenseless and naked. This simple fact is the basis of life.

Crispin Sartwell makes the following comment in his book ‘Obscenity, Anarchy, Reality’:

“In the history of western philosophy, ethics and aesthetics are the studies of what ought to be the case: every value that is valued in the western philosophical tradition is incompatible with loving things as they are. Every value demands a transformation: we ought to be better than we are, or, more often, you ought to be better than you are; that is, you ought not, as you are, to be.

Persons who are in intense pain, and who allow themselves fully to experience that pain, cannot doubt the reality of that pain’s source, or of themselves. Pain motivates flight, and intense, prolonged pain motivates, finally, a flight from the world. But as long as one can stick with one’s pain, can hang in and allow oneself to be in pain, for that long no ontology is required. To be in pain is to live a demonstration of reality; it is to be forced toward reality. Pain is something that must be affirmed, and of course it is also the hardest thing to affirm. Pain is a call into the reality of what is real, and thus is something creatures such as ourselves radically require.

Thus, much of the history of philosophy and of religion is, in my view, pathological. Much of it is a flight, an obvious flight, from what is, just as the life of the scholar or priest or moralist is a long flight from the real world.”

Bodies are filthy, sinful. They are condemned to burn up in hell. Only if there is obedience, will the heaven open its doors to you. What do these religions say for ‘today’ beyond creating fear in me, or telling me that I’m always insufficient and wrong?

Why isn’t there a single word about being what I really am? Why do I always have to obey? Why am I not allowed to inquire? The expectations religions have of people are unrealistic. When this turns into fanaticism, it becomes pathological.


Is the Western history of philosophy any different? It is not different at all. All philosophies analyze ‘what should be’, in terms of morality and aesthetics. To be better than what you are, to be ideal… The essence of all philosophies is the same as religions: Not to be what you are.

Neither philosophers nor religious authorities or ideologies provide the awareness of your existence. All of these only nurture judgments and fears. Women and men, who are freed from their fears, struggle for a societal life that is freed from fears. Only those who are freed from their fears can truly revolt against being feared.

We are living in a world where, oppressions have been normalized. The control mechanisms of the authorities are rapidly progressed and the exploitation of religion silenced people all around. For this reason, everything that has been written, drawn or read must be reviewed and reconsidered over and over again. The world is about to have a jump of perception and during this transition what must be discussed most importantly is ‘The Big Lie.’

During the transition period to the Digital World order, where all the ideologies in the Analogue world become invalid, is ‘The Big Lie’ a fact only left behind Hitler’s and Goebbels’s time? Or attributing ‘The Big Lie’ only to Hitler and Goebbels could also be a big lie? If not now when will ‘The Big Lie’ which has been used both before and after Hitler as part of the patriarchal governing system, be brought into question?

The Big Lie” is known as the main propaganda technique used by Hitler and Goebbels. As a matter of fact, they claimed it was a technique used against them. That’s why they introduced it to the German people as a dangerous concept. Both Hitler and Goebbels warned the German people not to fall for “The Big Lie.”

In his 1925 manifesto, ‘Mein Kampf’, Hitler argued that the technique was used by Jews to unfairly blame the German loss in World War I on German army officer Erich Ludendorff.

“All this was inspired by the principle–which is quite true within itself–that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods.”

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch.

After presenting “The Big Lie” as a big danger to the German people, Hitler ordered the Reichstag to be set on fire in 1933. Soon afterward he claimed that the communists had done it and this successfully formed his first big lie. Six days later, the German people showed they believed in Hitler by giving him sufficient parliamentary power to form a government with 43% of the votes in the federal election. The German people accepted his big lie and supported him.

The German people chose to believe Hitler because he had presented them with high ideals. What is even more painful to realize is that everything we are witnessing today are analogous to Hitler’s Germany; in the name of ‘high ideals’ people are still being brutally slaughtered and tortured.

We identify ourselves as civilized and yet we choose to justify all of these brutalities as collateral damage caused by economic and social circumstances. Why do we constantly fall into these same cycles? Instead of feeling the joys and sorrows of people based on a real sense of responsibility, we try and justify the idea of kill or be killed in the name of ‘high ideals’. Just like Hitler before us; we want to see reality by pretending to be moral. For this reason we escape to accept the fact that most terrifying crimes are happening behind the closed curtains of morality.

Instead of facing our fears and sorrows, we bond with our rescuers who present us with ‘the high ideals’ to escape all the sorrows and humiliations of our past. Instead of facing them we keep waiting for someone to rescue us from them all. To avoid being in pain, we inflict pain on others. To avoid our pitifulness we accept degrading others. We become addicted to obedience to those who present us all these horrors as an addiction to avoid pain. This addiction is as old as the accepted history of humanity. The absence of love nurtures violence. Sadly as long as we do not face that absence of love and the destructive sides we feel deep inside of ourselves, underestimation and self-hatred nurtures our own annihilation and will continue to be used for political purposes.

The reality that has never been revealed by his(s)tory is the desperation that lies beneath the impulse of searching for ‘Greatness’. The brutality created by the fear of not being able to handle this desperation is adapted to the fairy-tale of ‘the high ideals’. No one admits that the desperations and fears lying beneath ‘the great ideals’ destroy the emotions. Those, who struggle for ‘the high ideals’, are presented as fearless warriors not as miserable people who are slaves of their own ambitions. The brutality that humans commit for the sake of humanity inwardly increases the hatred of being human. Hatred nurtures brutality, brutality nurtures hatred and further subservients accumulate.

Goebbels used the phrase “The Big Lie” in his article “From Churchill’s Lie Factory,” dated 12th January 1941. According to Goebbels, “the essential English leadership’s secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness.” The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. Goebbels simply concluded: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Goebbels used big lies in all of Nazi Party’s propaganda activities and the German people chose to believe him. Big lies are needed for people not to fail to perceive and avoid transcending the imposed thought patterns.

Big lies cause people, who are alienated from themselves, to forget their pitifulness. Pitifulness becomes the reason for creating ‘the others’. While identifying everything one hates about one’s self, day after day one gets more alienated from one’s self. The more one is alienated the more one feels the urge for others to be alienated as well. The more crowded it gets the more powerful they become. The more powerful they become the more they avoid their pitifulness. Sadly today majorities are just masses consisting of miserable women and men. And as long as masses remain masses ‘The Big Lie’ will be used as a stick shaped in flesh and bones of violence and fear.

Many big lies have been used by patriarchal system for the last 8000 years. Big lies were always essential in order to rule the people. Since the beginning of accepted history it is likely that the first Big Lie was the claim that the rulers of the people had connections with Gods. People believed that their kings had relations with Gods and that’s why they were wiser and more powerful. For that reason people fearfully accepted the rule of their leaders. Including the polytheistic Pagan culture and monotheistic religions, instead of investigating the world as it was, people chose to bond themselves to belief systems. Obligation to belief systems restricted inquiry resulting as avoiding reasoning and put forward ‘loyalty.’

Wikileaks has shown that all types of governments, whatever their political system, whether developed or underdeveloped, are corrupted. In Tunisia, Egypt and Libya with the help of publishedWikileaks cables the people crossed the border of fear and overthrew their dictators who were elected by their people in the name of democracy.

Wikileaks US embassy cables, published since November 2010, showed that there are contradictions between the public persona of the Western countries and what was spoken behind closed doors. If the governments, who get their powers from so-called democracy, hide truths from people, then we have the right to ask: “How can we trust and accept the concept of democracy anymore?”

Hitler came to power by one of the biggest margins in the history of Germany. And after he came to power, people continued to support him. While millions of lives were destroyed, instead of going against him, the majority continued to support him or they chose to remain silent. And yet, today Hitler’s government is identified as a fascist government.

In the future we will identify the things happening today in the name of democracy as fascism… We have already started doing so…

Democracy, which has been presented against fascism as a high ideal, together with capitalism, tells us a big lie, just as Hitler warned while causing the German people to fall victim to his big lies.

According to capitalism and democracy there isn’t any other better system. There may be deficiencies of the current system, but all we need to do is to find solutions while remaining loyal to these two concepts.

Why cannot democracy be questioned? It is because democracy as a “high ideal” which is itself a big lie and big lies cannot be brought into question. It shouldn’t be, because if it is brought into question; the weapon, that has been used by male dominated culture skillfully over thousands of years, will become ineffectual. Therefore like Wikileaks, if you start to reveal the fact that today’s democracy is a big lie, the instruments of democracy will not hesitate to destroy you. In order to obscure its own lie, the democracy projected for your sake will destroy you without blinking an eye.

Like all the other ‘high ideals’ that are eviscerated, idealized by concepts not truths, aimed at societies to convince them to believe in the powerful ones to use their powers in any possible way they want, democracy is a cruel and dangerous weapon. And like all the weapons it is deadly.

Humankind can only become aware of the possibility of another system by breaking the chains of all concepts. To achieve this, people must first become aware of their own individual existence and power. As long as the value we give ourselves is based on the governments and property, it will not be possible to achieve a peaceful world order. Only if we can show the courage to face all our pains and wounds, instead of escaping them, then we can realize our own individual power.

Today men and women, who believe in their individual powers, are shouting ‘Enough’ at Wall Street. It is time for those who want to take responsibility for their own lives to think freely. The new world order will be established by peace, not by violence and brutality. The new world order will be constructed by sharing true information, not by ‘The Big Lies.’


There is no rescuer apart from YOU. There cannot be a ‘high ideal’ more valuable then YOU. If you want a life not fearful but full of joy, the time has come to take your own responsibility. What is more that you are waiting for?
































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