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(This article was published in http://archetypeinaction.com/)

Men convert the natural language of sex, that is to be used during lovemaking, into a pattern of violence. They use this language as swearwords in bed, at home, in the office, on the streets and in sport activities (like football), which they use as a show place of their manhood. Everything a man can or cannot do is symbolized in a form of violence that is converted from sexuality. As a result, in a natural sexual activity, this language estranges man and woman both from themselves and from one another. Woman, who has been coded by hearing these swearwords since childhood, perceive herself as a material to be used and to be consumed. And also interiorizes sexuality as an activity only to give pleasure to men, not to herself.

Men, who have started their dominance by swearwords, nurture it with pornography, which is the continuation of these words. And by doing this, they estrange both themselves and women from their sexualities. Actually, pornography regards human body not as a lively organism but as a simple material. Sexuality is featured as an action resulting from the consumption of this material. This commoditization also places woman into a passive situation as a material.

Although the emergence of pornography is presented as sexual liberation; yet with its development process, sexuality is reduced to a one-dimensional action. Pornographic products generally include audio-visual and written materials oriented to men and the use of women. Here, the satisfactory result is the ejaculation of man. Apart from that, woman to woman sex isn’t featured as making love, the male dominance is still reminded by using plastic etc. based materials likened to a penis.

Pornography is also a consumable material for the men who have sexual problems. These men either cannot experience their sexuality or oppress their sexuality or have sexual fears. By the help of pornography, they can easily avoid to confront such problems. However, in erotism sexuality is present and actually erotism aims to reflect the experience of sexuality. If you cannot experience your sexuality or if your sexuality is limited by the definition of being “active and passive” then you materialize the bodies and desperately urge to be a consumer of pornographic material. But if you do not consider women “passive elements” and if you involve two of the bodies within sexuality by letting them to enrich each other then erotism will nurture you. And only then, you perceive bodies not as consumable material but as women or men, whomever you experience your sexuality with.